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The cheats way to a perfect, enviable complexion and flawless looking skin. Our skincare peels are innovative, non-traumatic peels that succeed by stimulating gentle healthy change deep in the skin, to create a beautiful, renewed complexion. You will achieve maximum results with minimum downtime.

Peeling agents are used in clinic to address a variety of skin concerns ranging from dull, lifeless skin to something a little more concerning. We recommend a series of 3-6 treatments customised to your individual needs. Our peels work from the philosophy of building and replacing with as little trauma as possible. Skin Consultations are required at no charge in which you will be advised of the action plan of your skin’s specific needs and number of treatments required for best results.

Lactobotanical Peel – $100 / 30 minutes or purchase a course of 6 for $500 (hydrating)

After 3 Lactobotanical Peels and a Aspect home care regime.

If a gentle exfoliation and deep hydration is what you need without the flaky downtime then the Aspect Lactobotanical peels are for you. This is a powerful yet gentle treatment designed to improve cell turnover, improve skin hydration and stimulate collagen and elastin fibres. The results show in smoother, softer, less wrinkled skin. Not only do they slow down the ageing process of the skin they also treat congested acne, dull lifeless, rosacea and hyperpigmentation skins. This peel is an all rounder, even for more sensitive/reactive skins. Lactobotanical peels can be performed as a one off treatment, however a course of 6 treatments is recommended. They can be done approximately 10-14 days apart, and come in different lactic acid percentages. The perfect choice if you’re new to peels as no skin preparation is necessary, as with some of our other peels.

Pomegranate Peel – $100 / 30 minutes (brightening)

This peel works beautifully to soften and exfoliate your skin, while adding anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection. This Pomegranate Peel infuses the skin with powerful antioxidants while stimulating collagen to smooth over rough skin and correct uneven texture and tone. Combining 15 percent L-lactic acid–a chirally correct alpha hydroxyl acid derived from milk–with some of nature’s most effective free radical fighters, including red wine resveratrol, pomegranate seed oil and astaxanthin–a marine carotenoid 500 times more potent than vitamin E–Pomegranate Peel is remarkably gentle catalyst for change. No down-time is needed for this treatment and you can start wearing makeup the next day. Suitable for most skin types, even sensitive skins. No skin preparation is necessary as with some of our other peels.

Blueberry Smoothie Peel – $100 / 30 minutes (exfoliating and decongesting)

Our deliciously refreshing Blueberry Smoothie scrub helps invigorate the skin with the use of gentle lactic acid, and active blueberry extracts to polish and exfoliate the skin to restore a youthful glow without irritation. It changes the dynamic of the skin, by improving the absorption and strength of active ingredients contained in the formulation. A nutritious cocktail made from a multitude of actives from plants that are specially selected to be bio-available.  This peel is the perfect choice if you have not had peels done before and no shedding of the skin is expected. This peel can be performed once a week, monthly to brighten and decongest, or be added into your facial treatment.

Timeless Peel – $150 / 30 minutes (ageing, pigmentation, sun damage, oiliness, acne, acne scarring)

The ultimate anti-ageing treatment designed to stimulate collagen & elastin production and cellular turnover to visibly reduce the signs of ageing and pigmentation. The Timeless Peel is an advanced metabolic peel combining 20% L-Lactic Acid and 30% encapsulated Retinol AGP to resurface and remodel the skin. A mild to moderate tingle may be experienced. After treatment, skin may appear slightly yellow/orange from the colour of the peel (this will wash off) pinkness may occur for around 30 minutes
Usually no downtime with these peels however some dryness and micro-flaking may occur within 2-3 days. Before patients can receive this peel they must prep for the peel using certain products. Please call us to schedule a pre-peel consultation.

Purity Peel – $100 / 30 minutes (acne, oiliness, congestion)

The perfect treatment series for oily, acne-prone, congested skin. Corrective acne peel that targets multiple factors of acne to leave the skin clearer, softer and more healthier looking. With deep penetrating Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids, this detoxifying deep epidermal peel cuts through excess oil to decongest pores and clarify oily blemish prone skin. This peel is great for acne (all grades), oily skin, enlarged pores, control of sebaceous activity, Fitzpatrick (all types). A mild to moderate tingle may be experienced and flaking may occur within 2-3 days post treatment. Before patients can receive this peel they must prep for the peel using certain products. Please call us to schedule a pre-peel consultation.

Pigment Punch Peel – $100 / 30 minutes (pigmentation)

This is a truly remarkable and unique breakthrough clinical treatment to rapidly clear away those unsightly marks and visibly restore clarity to your complexion. The pigment punch clarity peel combines alpha-beta hydroxyl acids to lift away the accumulated layers of dull, discoloured cells plus the remarkable skin whitening action of pure vitamin C and tyrostat. Pigment Punch is ideal for skin presenting with brown spots, hormonal marks and other skin discolourations (age spots and tan discolourations). Recommended as a course of 6 treatments in combination with Aspects pigment punch serum for best results. Treatments are approximately 2-4 weeks apart. Moderate heat can be felt with this peel and you may shed 2-3 days post peel. Before patients can receive this peel they must prep for the peel using certain products. Please call us to schedule a pre-peel consultation.

Jungle Brew Peel – $100 / 30 minutes (acne, breakouts, congestion, oiliness)

Regardless of age, if you are seeing spots or clogged pores, this is your peel. The jungle brew peel will help you to achieve pure, clear, healthy looking skin. This peel harnesses the powerful skin renewal action of clinical strength beta hydroxyl acids, working to deep cleanse and rid follicles of accumulated impurities and stale oils that lead to those unsightly imperfections. The patented blend of 3 clinically proven ultra‐purifying rain forest plants works deeply to detoxify and calm excessively oily, congested, acneic skin concerns. Jungle brew peel will fast track your skin progress for a clean, healthy skin. Recommended as a course of 3-6 for optimal results. Treatments are approximately 2-4 weeks apart. Moderate heat can be felt with this peel and you may shed 2-3 days post peel. Before patients can receive this peel they must prep for the peel using certain products. Please call us to schedule a pre-peel consultation.

Benefit Peel – $100 / 30 minutes (anti-oxidant, brightening)

A gentle, yet effective all-purpose treatment that resurfaces, corrects and protects with Vitamins A (encapsulated retinol)  and C (L-Ascorbic acid). The ultimate antioxidant peel for hypersensitive, ageing, lines and wrinkles, pigmentation or acne-prone skin. Unlike traditional skin peels that rely on acids for exfoliation, the Benefit Peel works with the skins natural renewal process and increases cell turnover. While basic chemical peels exfoliate from top-downwards, the Benefit Peel stimulates renewal from bottom-upwards. A much gentler, more effective way to skin peels. Your skin will be noticeably brighter and your complexion smoother after a single treatment. Best results come from 2-3 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart, depending on your concerns. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and rosecea.


We can spot treat certain areas with some of these peels, such as our Jungle Brew peel directly onto breakouts to help speed up the healing process and calm inflammation. 




If you suffer from Cold sore use Acyclovir or Zovirax leading up to treatment.
Must be prepped on Pigment Punch or another pigment blocker beforehand for some of these peels.
If you have been on Accutane, from the day you finished you must wait 6-12 months before having this treatment.
If you are topically using Retin A you must no use it for 1 week leading up to your treatment.
Dermal Fillers – wait 2 weeks before having this treatment.
Botox – wait 1 week before having this treatment.
IPL or Laser hair removal – wait 2 weeks before having this treatment.
Post laser resurfacing – wait 6-12 months before having this treatment.
Post IPL – wait 4 weeks before having this treatment.
Peels 2 weeks before this treatment and 2 weeks after this treatment.
No Microdermabrasion 2 weeks before this treatment.
No Facial waxing 12 hours before this treatment.Post-Treatment:A recommended sun protection MUST be worn – no compliance, no treatment.
No standard chemical or highly fragranced SPF’s to be used, only physical SPF to avoid adverse reactions or irritations.
Mineral Makeup to be worn (no talc powders).
Post Treatment Balm to be worn for next 2-3 days.
Use Gentle Cream cleanser 2-3 days after treatment.
No chemicals including swimming for 48 hours after treatment.
No harsh skin care including Retinol or exfoliants for 72 hours.
Cold sore prone use Acyclovir or Zovirax after treatment.
No exercise for 24 hours.
No spray tan or solarium.
No waxing for up to 5 days after treatment (depending on which peel).
Can’t apply cosmeceuticals for at least 48 hours.
Men – No shaving for 12 hours before this treatment or after this treatment.Skin Peels Homecare:

Try our Microdermabrasion and Pomegranate Peel for added benefits of resurfacing and brightening.

Skin peels leave your skin quite sensitive and exposed. We recommend the following products to protect your skin and maximise the results:

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